Service and repair of shoes

Since the beginning of our operation, we have always wanted to make the best quality product possible. With shoes, it's about visuals, function, and above all about durability and resistance as such. We often receive messages from our customers who wear one particular pair for more than 5 years. Such information makes us very happy. Above all, with regard to the boom in fast fashion trends and the flooding of the market with unnecessary, low-quality and imported products that often do not even find their buyer.

Give shoes a second life

Footwear made of genuine leather acquires an unmistakably characteristic patina over time, and all scuffs tell their own story after years of walking. Leather is simply unique with its unique properties. It stands out from other materials mainly due to its durability. Let us breathe a second life into your shoes that have been worn for years.

Step by step, year by year

With long-term wear, it may happen that your shoes will need minor maintenance in the form of replacing the sole, taping some joints or re-sanding the cuts. We offer you all of these actions on shoes made by us within the warranty and post-warranty period. Just send the shoes to the address of our production - Luhačovská 891, Slavičín 763 21 - with a request for maintenance.