Shoes that are not mass-produced, with specific people behind them, that will last and you won't replace them in a season.

The magic of Czech shoe leather

We make leather shoes in Slavičín, a town at the foot of the White Carpathians near Zlín, where the shoemaking tradition has been ingrained for several decades. We produce shoes with a minimalistic and elegant design underlined by quality natural materials from local suppliers and the experienced work of our cobblers.

Genuine leather, honest work

Genuine leather processed by traditional production methods in the Czech Republic underlines the honesty of all products that receive their final form in our workshop. Each pair of shoes passes through the golden hands of experienced seamstresses and shoemakers. People who believe in their craft.

Along its own axis

How was the idea of producing shoes under your own brand born? Go back in time with us and we will bring you our story.