From Slavičín to Zlín, Kánpur, Château-Renault and back again...

The idea of establishing a new shoe workshop arose slowly and naturally sometime in 2014. Mr. Miroslav Jančařík evaluated all the experience he had gained - four months with humble Indians in Kánpur, many years of work experience in France or countless projects in the shoe industry - and together with his family he set out on his own axis. From Slavičín, they are trying to revive and maintain the charming shoemaking craft, which has experienced a significant decline in recent years. He believes in an individual approach to each customer and a return to traditional production methods. They put everything into their products and believe that this is what makes them unique .

Genuine leather only

Svitov machines, human hands

With love for cobblestone

Craft like embroidered...

Genuine leather processed by traditional production methods in the Czech Republic underlines the honesty of all products that receive their final form in our workshop. Each pair of shoes passes through the golden hands of experienced seamstresses and shoemakers. People who believe in their work as much as we do. The biggest thanks go to them. ❤️


Shoes that are not mass-produced, with specific people behind them, that will last and you won't replace them in a season.

Miroslav a Tomáš Jančaříkovi

Miroslav and Tomáš Jančařík, father and son