Do you sew this by hand? - one of the most frequent questions that we regularly answer.

We sew and produce our shoes on old Svitov machines accompanied by a large proportion of manual work , which is absolutely key to the entire production process. But that doesn't make them "hand-stitched".

We would not like to devalue the work of master shoemakers, who spend months on one pair of shoes and actually sew shoes with a needle in hand. Sewing thousands of pairs a year is simply not possible.

Lately, this term comes to us quite often and therefore we consider it correct to explain this term. Let's not confuse impressions with concepts. We do not want to take credit for those who hide under this slogan the true art of shoemaking without the help of machines. We are glad that, in addition to us, other Czech manufacturers who, like us, have decided to be transparent are also signing up for this awareness.