Choosing the right size is the most important thing

Choosing the right shoe size is clearly the most important part of buying new shoes. A well-chosen size determines comfort, utility and overall satisfaction from the next pair of shoes. In this article, I will introduce you to a very simple way to measure your foot yourself at home.

What will you need?

  1. A4 paper
  2. pencil, marker or pen
  3. ruler

Step-by-step measurement procedure:

  1. Stand on the paper with your full weight. Certainly not with bent knees or sitting. The natural pressure on the foot is really important - thanks to it, you will find out the values ​​of length and width at the moment of loading when walking.

  2. Trace the leg and hold the pencil at a slight - really slight - angle down the leg. Thanks to this, you will avoid the artificially created excess that can appear if your pencil/marker/pen has a larger diameter.

  3. Measure the longest distance between the toe and the heel. If needed, you can do the same and it spreads. You can then insert the resulting value into the size chart and choose the most suitable size. But you must not forget to add the excess. For shoes made by us, we recommend 3-4mm for ballerinas and open cuts, and 5-6mm for full shoes and sneakers. But for full haircuts, it mainly depends on your preference. Many people like to have more space for their feet, so they will choose a version that is a size higher, which they can easily handle with shoes with lacing or other fastenings. For open cuts, however, it is necessary to respect the manufacturer's instructions.

Choosing the right size

Sizes vary across all manufacturers in the world. That's why it's always a good idea to look at the size chart to help you make the right choice after measuring.

As an example, I will give you the customer Tomáš. He measured his leg at home according to the mentioned procedure and found a value of 278 mm in length. Because he would like to buy elegant brown ankle boots , he adds 5-6mm to this number. It will be 283-284mm. He opens the size chart and sees in it that the insole (interior space of the shoe) for size 43.5 corresponds to a value of 283 mm. So he chooses size 43.5 , which will have 5 mm of extra space in the shoes. Thanks to this, the feet in the shoes will have room to "work" and will not be restricted in any way. At the same time, the shoes fit well and there is no unnecessary wear and tear on the linings and insoles.

I have done everything but I am still not sure about the selection

Nothing happens. We will be happy if you contact us via the eshop chat and we will advise you on the selection. The same applies to any custom modifications. So get in touch, we're here for you.

If you are sure of the size, be sure to check out our e-shop. With love for shoemaking, we make shoes for you from genuine leather in our family shoe workshop in Slavičín, near Zlín.

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